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Christine Garabedian

Telling filmic true stories that touch the heart and open the mind

I am a Grierson and International Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, deeply committed to strong, clear, narrative-driven filmic true storytelling that offers insights into our common humanity.

I love to observe human lives through a camera with visual and emotional purpose and compassion. I am skilled at managing complex and challenging investigations, observational films, and dramatic real-life historical events. My natural leadership qualities inspire and empower others to realise the creative vision and narrative drive of a documentary film from its inception through to the shoot, scripting, edit, and final post-production.


International Emmy for Best Documentary (2018)

Presented by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, for ‘Goodbye Aleppo’, ‘Outstanding Documentary’.

Grierson Award for Best Current Affairs Documentary (2017)

For ‘Goodbye Aleppo’: ‘A lucid, well-constructed narrative, with intimate moments that are powerfully authentic’. Awards Jury Chair Andy Whittaker.

Rory Peck Sony Impact Award for Current Affairs (2017)

Awarded to the team who filmed ‘Goodbye Aleppo’. The Judges said ‘it is like a love story, a love diary to their city, … it is emotional and heartbreaking’.

58th Monte-Carlo Television Festival Special Red Cross Award (2018)

‘Goodbye Aleppo’ received this award ‘for highlighting the principles of international humanitarian Law and the suffering inflicted on civilians in the armed conflict in Aleppo’.

International Press Council and Next Century Foundation New Ground Award (2017)

Received for her films on the Middle East, in ‘acknowledgment of excellence, and for encouraging an understanding of events in Yemen, Syria, and the Arab Uprising’.




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Christine is represented by Moray Coulter at Stern and Wild.

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